June 07, 2023

01. The Challenge & Solution

T The Challenge: TileLotTrade aimed to offer an innovative online platform for high-quality tiles, catering to sophisticated bathroom designs and various other applications. They needed a solution that would differentiate them in the market by allowing customers to browse an extensive catalog and request personalized quotes rather than direct purchases.

The Solution: SFVBoost developed an elegant website and webshop for TileLotTrade, focusing on ease of navigation and a distinctive shopping experience. Rather than a traditional checkout, we introduced a quote request feature, enabling customers to receive tailored pricing directly via email.

“Redefining the retail experience means crafting a journey that’s both intuitive and uniquely personalized.”
– Roman Reigns

02. How We Did It

By merging the convenience of e-commerce shopping with the personalized touch of custom quotes, we created a seamless user experience. This approach allows customers to explore a diverse range of premium tiles at their leisure and engage with TileLotTrade on a more personal level for their pricing needs.

Enhancements in site design for mobile use and search engine optimization were also key components, broadening TileLotTrade’s reach to a wider audience.

03. The Results

The launch of has revolutionized the tile shopping experience, providing a platform where customers can easily find and inquire about the tiles they love without the pressure of immediate purchase. This strategy has not only elevated customer interaction but also established TileLotTrade as an innovative leader in the tile retail space, prepared to adapt to and exceed customer expectations.

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