November 12, 2021
Integration & Development
Revera Nederland

01. Challenge & Solution

T The Challenge: In a fast-paced industry like alcohol logistics, Revera Nederland sought to distinguish itself by enhancing its online services. The objective was to develop a platform that not only presented its comprehensive logistics services but also integrated a customer portal for real-time stock management.

The Solution: SFVBoost engineered a state-of-the-art website for Revera, featuring an intuitive layout that showcases their array of services. A significant highlight is the seamless integration of a customer portal, enabling clients to efficiently manage and track their alcohol products stored under bond in Revera’s Duty-free bonded warehouse.

“In the world of logistics, efficiency is the key to success. Our website now mirrors this principle, offering clients both information and control at their fingertips.”
– B.Chan

02.How We Did It

We meticulously designed Revera’s website to ensure easy navigation across their diverse services – from warehouse & storage to transport and fiscal representation. Including an online stock management system via the customer portal marked a pivotal advancement, offering clients a transparent, real-time view of their stock.

By focusing on user experience and functionality, we aimed to reflect Revera’s commitment to speed, flexibility, and exceptional customer service online.

Revera Nederland Result

03. The Results

The revamped website, with its integrated customer portal, has set Revera apart in the competitive field of alcohol logistics. Clients now enjoy unparalleled access to their stock, enhancing trust and satisfaction. This digital leap showcases Revera’s innovative approach to service and solidifies its reputation as a leader in the industry, ready for future growth.

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