November 14, 2020
Marketing / Media

01. Challenge & Solution

T The Challenge: Fashion brand Loubelini, known for its exclusive tie-dye collections in the Netherlands, sought to expand its online presence. They aimed for a vibrant e-commerce store that reflects their brand’s energy and makes it easy for fashion-forward customers to shop their favorite styles.

The Solution: SFVBoost stepped in to develop, a dynamic e-commerce platform tailored to showcase their unique tie-dye apparel. We focused on creating a seamless shopping experience, from browsing to requesting a quote for their beloved tie-dye tracksuits and scented candles.

“Fashion is like eating; you shouldn’t stick to the same menu. We brought the menu to life at”
– Daniel Super Mobile

02. How We Did It

We crafted an engaging and user-friendly website that captures Loubelini’s brand essence. With features like free shipping on all orders and an innovative “request a quote” system, we made sure Loubelini stands out in the crowded fashion e-commerce space.

Implementing responsive design, SEO best practices, and integrating a newsletter subscription for a 10% discount on the first purchase were crucial steps to attract and retain customers.

03.The Results has become a hotspot for tie-dye fashion enthusiasts, driving up sales and expanding their reach across Europe and the USA. The site’s unique approach to e-commerce, coupled with its catchy and creative designs, has set a new trend in online fashion retailing.

Inspired by celebrities and tailored for the modern shopper, proves that bold choices and strategic web development can create a flourishing online store. Dreaming of launching your fashion e-commerce store? Let’s make it happen together.